Florafelt Vertical Garden Videos

Learn to create a simple succulent garden using the Florafelt Vertical Garden System. Chris Bribach gives a quick demonstration at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers. http://Florafelt.com
Chris Bribach of Plants On Walls shows how to create an easy herb garden using the Florafelt Compact Vertical Garden Kit. http://florafelt.com/compact-kit
Chris Bribach of Plants On Walls demonstrates how he created an entire living wall for San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers (http://www.conservatoryofflowers.org). The historic building required a delicate touch to hang 32 Florafelt vertical garden planters lightly hung on metal frames that are gently clamped to the structure.
Landscape architect Alec Hawley explores a dynamic collection of succulents for his own backyard living wall using the Florafelt Vertical Garden System. #florafelt #verticalgarden #livingwall #urbangarden #succulents
Amanda Goldberg of Planted Design describes her clients vertical garden project located in San Francisco's Pacific Heights neighborhood. Working closely with Rock and Rose landscape who designed and built the newly remodeled landscape and also installed the Florafelt Pro System vertical garden infrastructure.
Planted Design used the Florafelt Pro System to create a breathtaking living wall installation for their client's private home in Pleasanton, California. Showplant Nurseries assisted with the felting and planting and ongoing maintenance.
Architect Marika Shioiri-Clark revitalizes a neighborhood by working with the community to construct Cleveland's largest living wall using the Florafelt System. http://www.florafelt.com/blog/urban-renewal-grows-in-cleveland ©2016 Plants On Walls / Florafelt. Interviews by Mary Grodek, video by Stephen Bradley Morgan, editing by Chris Bribach
Horticulturist Steph Kantorski describes her experience using the Florafelt System for the San Francisco Conservatory of Flower vertical garden. #florafelt #verticalgarden #livingwalls #sfcof
Architect Fani Danadjieva Hansen used the Florafelt system to create a curved vertical garden to 'bring the outdoors in' at Frank Lloyd Wright's Marin Center in San Rafael, California. Florafelt Pro System custom architectural grade system design and video production by Chris Bribach, Plants On Walls.
Davis Dalbok and Brandon Pruett of Living Green Design used the Florafelt Pro System to transform a plain brick courtyard into a lush garden retreat at the San Francisco 2013 Decorator Showcase. This video was taken only one week after the livings walls were installed. Chris Bribach from Plants On Walls gives a brief tour.
Landscape Designer Julie Duvivier wraps an entire garage in a variety of plants for a Palo Alto client using Florafelt vertical garden planters. http://www.duvivgardens.com http://PlantsOnWalls.com
Chris Bribach of Plants On Walls and Davis Dalbok of Living Green team up to create a dramatic living wall for the San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2012. A stunning floating wall of Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters welcomes visitors, first with an array of succulents, both fiery and vibrant, that feather into a serene and shady fern grotto at the entrance.
Bath Crashers featured a Florafelt vertical garden planter for their episode 309 "Terrible Terrarium". Learn more at http://PlantsOnWalls.com
In Beverly Hills, California, PlantsOnWalls installs a custom Living Wall for a private residence. Measuring 16' x 11', a total of 528 plants create a stunning feature in the loggia between the living room and outdoor pool, and instantly became one of the signature designs in the remodel.