Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters Mounting for Longevity

The Florafelt panels are made with PET felt, which is made from recycled water bottles, and will last indefinitely. The panels use a galvanized staple to attach the felt to the plastic board.   To add a longer life to the system, you can attach the panels at the top of each pocket to the support or wall behind.

When using a plywood support you can use 16 coated deck screws per panel.

The end result will be a beautiful, minimal, black fabric wall with plantable pockets that will last as long as the nails and concrete wall. Your vertical garden can always be reattached should that ever be required.

Florafelt Vertical Garden Planter Mounting for Longevity


Tools and Hardware for Concrete Attachment

For a concrete retaining wall where moisture is not a concern you can attach directly to the wall. You would use 16 concrete nails per panel at the top of each pocket.

The tool is very simple to use and the cost is quite low. Note the .22 caliber charge and speciality nails at the bottom of the page. Cost is about 25 cents per attachment, times 16 per panel, is about $4 per panel.

Ramset HammerShot Tool

Ramset HammerShot 0.22 Caliber Single Shot Tool

Ramshot 22 Caliber Powder Loads.jpg

Ramset 0.22 Caliber Yellow Single Shot Powder Loads

Ramset 1-1/2 in Drive Pins with Washers.jpg

Ramset 1-1/2 in. Drive Pins with Washers


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