Florafelt Pocket Panels Drain-Away Installation

 Florafelt Planters are lightweight modular panels with felt pockets attached to a rigid plastic board.

They can be trimmed using a box cutter on the back and titanium scissors to trim the felt. See Custom Sizing Guide

The panels come with hanging tabs so they can also be hung on hooks which works great for small installs in wet areas. See Hang On Hooks

Below are some suggested ways to permanently install Florafelt Planters with a neat framed edge or wood or metal. Metal edges can also double as drain trays for a minimalist finish that makes the plants float impossibly from a thin plane.


What Is an Air Gap?

Typically is a good idea to provide an air gap to allow the wall to dry out in humid conditions. The designs below use wood supports to support the vertical garden system away from the wall 1-2 inches.

Drain Away Irrigation

Florafelt Pocket Panels require only a drip line at the top. Water will slowly drip down to each pocket. The key is to water slowly. Our patented folded felt growing system directs water inward toward the inner moist layer. Roots will grow through the felt. Unlike other planting systems you want to water the felt and not the actual soil. For this reason you will only need to provide a drip line at the very top. Position each dripper to the side of each pocket. Focus on irrigating the felt.

Standard Irrigation Systems

Standard drip irrigation systems are used to keep the system simple. We offer a simple kit with all the parts you’ll need to install a pro drip system.


Mounting Method: Wood Framed Vertical Garden

Simple and economical this wood framed vertical garden creates a soft look with a wood edge.

Either Horizontal or vertical wood spacers are attached to the wall. Then the wood (or other materials) frame the edge.

For extra waterproofing, 2 layers of building paper are added, then Rubber pond liner is placed inside the frame, curled up around the edges, then trimmed.

The panels are then attached to the support frame with deck screws. A gutter at the base collects extra water which is either drained away or recirculated back into the system.


Mounting Method: Metal Framed Floating Vertical Garden

This metal framed vertical garden insets the support structure making it appear to float.

Horizontal members are attached to the wall and will be even more secure if connected to it's structural studs.

Plywood sheeting provides support over the entire backside. If the structure is inset an inch on each side it will appear to float on the wall.

A custom metal edging is then attached at the edges allowing 2 inches at the top and bottom only. This will allow easier access to the pockets at the top and let the bottom tray also collect runoff water. The side edges will be flush with the edge of the florafelt panels. Be sure to use sealant at the bottom corners of the frame to prevent dripping and also make drainage connections at the bottom edge for drain away or recirculating water.

You can add a couple layers of building paper as an extra waterproofing security on the plywood surface and overlap into the metal frame edge.

Lightly attach rubber pond liner with staples to the plywood support surface and tuck it into the metal frame so it's flush with the sides. Then use a heavy duty tape such as Gorilla Tape to secure and seal the edges inside the metal frame.

Florafelt Pocket Planters are then fit into the edge frames and attached to the plywood backing using coated deck screws. The rubber pond liner will make a seal where the screws penetrate. You can use fender washers but not required and hardware can be pre-painted black to make them disappear. Use 6 screws per panel, 3 per side on the surface of the panel near the top of the pockets.

If the screws bind up in the felt use a soldering iron with a small tip to create melted holes but often you can get the screws through the felt with some added force.

Florafelt Vertical Garden 12-Pocket 2x4 Wood Frame Support with Air Gap and Custom Metal Frame

Mounting Method: Plywood Backed Metal Framed Vertical Garden

For extra support or in places where fewer supporting members are desired a treated or marine plywood backed system makes for a more robust installation.

Support members can be run horizontally or vertically to support a plywood sheet away from the wall.

Similar to above, custom metal edges frame the wall. Corners are sealed, waterproofing is installed, then the planters are attached within.

This drawing shows how a minimalist edge that meets the decking can be used at the base.

Finish Detail Tip: Custom Metal Edge

A 'perfect fit' metal edge can be custom folded by a metal shop in your area. You can choose a material that best suits your design; Brushed Stainless Steel, Copper, Galvanized; Paint Grade Galvanized, for example.

Ask your metal shop to fold a C-Channel with dimensions: 4", 1-3/4", 1-3/4". The 1-3/4" size will fit perfectly over the edge of a panel to create a perfect finished edge. The longer 4" part will be attached to the support structure. Also you can have them add a drain tube for the bottom channel to magically take water away. Be sure the drain tube is large enough to handle the flow from the irrigation system and big enough to not get clogged. 3/4" works for most situations.

Maintenance for Drain Away Systems


  • Observe the plants

  • Notice if plants look wilted

  • Or if they have faded leaves

  • Or show rotting bases or browned leaves

  • Also notice if they have new buds or have made new roots


  • Add plant food to the Feeder (Maxsea)

  • Notice plant health and adjust water timing if necessary

  • Remove dead leaves

  • Remove dead plants and replace

  • Clear drain of any debris

Every 3 Months

  • Clean the filter

  • Use ladder to visually check drip emitters

Every Year

  • Change the timer battery

  • Change out the drip lines

Use your E-Calendar

  • Add these events to your electronic calendar and use the repeated events feature with reminders.

  • Copy and paste this info for each frequency listed.